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Foxwalking is the art of walking very lightly, quietly and deliberately, and of leaving very little trace of one’s passage.

Zack learned the art of foxwalking while studying at Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracker School and came to see it as a good metaphor for how he prefers to live, work, and build — treading lightly and consciously, and minimizing environmental footprints whenever possible.

For example, we take care to avoid waste, to respect the eco-systems we touch, and to consider long-term outcomes of our business decisions. Since 2008, our sawmill and lumber operation has operated on 100% renewable electricity through the Evergreen Renewable Energy program.

Also, it just so happens that during off hours, our log yard is a popular hangout for grey foxes. Finding their paw prints always feels like an honor and a good omen — a sign that we’re doing the right thing in the right place.